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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Center Services is one of the world's leading data recovery providers, and we have developed a reputation for our reliable, professional approach. We were the first data recovery company

Here at Data Recovery Center, we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Part of that is offering a wide range of useful services and comprehensive data recovery solutions. Our company serves customers all over, with over 40 locations across the U.S and other countries. We employ only the most skilled and industry certified engineers to perform recovery services, and when you choose us as your go-to recovery service you'll get quality, security, and service that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

The facilities and cleanrooms where our engineers perform the various recovery services we offer are all state-of-the-art. They're each stocked with the most advanced recovery software as well as other cutting-edge data recovery technologies. Data Recovery Center works with any type of media or device, and uses the advanced recovery techniques, industry expertise, and valuable software and tools to recover your important data.

Our services are 100% secure and confidential. Over the past 17 years we've maintained an impeccable record regarding security and recovery success. Each customer's data is kept completely confidential and secure within our recovery facilities. In order to ensure security, Data Recovery Center and our employees adhere to a strict security protocol. In addition, each of our facilities is certified and compliant with all federal and state regulations.

What can Data Recovery Center do for you?

Data Recovery Center offers a wide variety of data recovery services. We do our best to be ready for any kind of data loss situation with any type of media or device. This is why we offer comprehensive RAID recovery options. RAID units are beneficial, especially to companies and organizations, but they can also be extremely complex.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery Center offers comprehensive hard drive recovery solutions for individuals, businesses, enterprises, and organizations. We work hard to provide the best and most secure hard drive recovery services.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD’s are portable storage devices comprised of a number of smaller flash memory chips. SSD’s are favored for their low power consumption, high reliability, and portability.

Tape Data Recovery

If you're in need of comprehensive tape recovery solutions, you've come to the right place. Data Recovery Center offers a variety of recovery services and specialized user-based services for any type of media or device.

Memory Card and Flash Drive Recovery

Most of us have used memory cards, flash drives, and other types of media storage devices during our life. Data Recovery Center can help to figure out exactly what’s wrong with your media or device and take the necessary steps to recover your valued files and photographs.

Computer and Laptop Data Recovery

We offer an extensive list of service options that cater to anyone in any kind of industry. If your desktop computer or laptop has crashed, lost files, or has become damaged, we can help.

Database Data Recovery

We offer expert RAID 0 data recovery services for individuals and businesses. Our trained and industry certified engineers will work hard to recover your valuable data, while also keeping it safe and secure.

Server Data Recovery

We can help you recover the data from your database quickly and securely. Our cutting-edge facilities and advanced software give our trained engineers the tools they need to keep your information completely confidential while recovering your valuable data.

Encrypted & NAS Hard Drives Recovery

Self-encrypting hard drives and more advanced NAS drives have been the focus of many manufacturers. Data Recovery Center works hard to stay in step with the changes and advances in the tech industry, so that we can always provide the best data recovery services to our customers.

RAID 0 Data Recovery

We offer expert RAID 0 data recovery services for individuals and businesses. Our trained and industry certified engineers will work hard to recover your valuable data, while also keeping it safe and secure.

RAID 0+1 Data Recovery

Don't let the complexity of a RAID 0+1 array scare you. If you're having a problem, we can provide you with the best data recovery services for your RAID 0+1.

RAID 1 Data Recovery

Get reliable and secure data recovery services for RAID 1 arrays. Whether the problem is mechanical or technological, we can help.

RAID 5 Data Recovery

Our trained technicians can evaluate your complex RAID 5 array and take the necessary steps to recover your lost data. Don't risk further damage by trying home recovery, check out our RAID 5 recovery services now.

RAID 10 Data Recovery

Whether you're experiencing single or multiple hard drive failure, we can help recover lost data from your RAID 10 array as well as diagnose mechanical and technical problems. Get professional RAID 10 recovery now.

NAS Data Recovery

Keep your business up and running with our in-depth, expert NAS recovery services for businesses, enterprises, and individuals. Don't let losing data keep you or your company down, we can help.

SAN Data Recovery

We offer the very best and most secure SAN recovery services in the industry. Our team of certified and fully trained technicians will securely and efficiently recover your valuable data using state-of-the-art recovery techniques and technology.

RAID 6 Data Recovery

We provide comprehensive data recovery solutions for RAID 6. Choose reliable, secure, confidential, and expert RAID services.

RAID 50 Data Recovery

Get the best and most reliable RAID 50 recovery services from our certified engineers. We work hard to provide comprehensive RAID recovery solutions and unmatched customer service.

Find out What's Wrong Now

Are you experiencing a problem with your hard drive or other type of media? If so, it's time to request a free evaluation and quote. Data Recovery Center offers free diagnostics as well as a free pricing quote, and all you need to do to get it is fill out a short request form. This means you can find out what's wrong with your media and how much it will cost to repair/recover before committing to anything.

Don't Worry, You're Protected

Each customer is protected by our No Data-No Charge policy, which states that a customer will not be responsible for labor costs if we were unable to recover the data they required. So, don't worry about getting stuck paying for nothing. If we can't recover it, you don't have to pay.

Hard Drive Failure Sounds: Typical noises of a failed hard disk drives.
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