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Hard Drive Failure Prevention

Hard Drive Failure Prevention

Taking good care of your hard drive is the best way to prevent damages or failure from occurring. Follow the tips below to help your hard drive last longer, function efficiently, and keep failure at bay.

  • Don’t Remove or Move your Hard Drive: The only reason to move or remove your hard drive is to transfer it to a new casing. However, unless you’re trained in doing so, it is recommended that you contact a professional computer repair or recovery service to transfer your media for you.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation: Your computer has fans that help to keep your hard drive cool. Make sure the vents on your computer are never blocked and that the fan’s airflow is never obstructed. Overheating can cause serious damage to a hard drive, leading to severe data loss and other damages.
  • Keep Everything Clean: Make sure you don’t allow dust and other debris to settle on your computer or get into any of the vents. Dust coming into contact with a hard drive can cause overheating, failure, or even combustion.
  • Defragmentation: Be sure to run defragmentation on your hard drive as recommended by the manufacturer. This will help your hard drive find and access your files easier, this putting less strain on the drive.
  • Do Not Leave your Computer on for Long Periods: Make sure to turn your computer off any time you aren’t using it. This will prevent overheating and excess strain on the hard drive, giving it a longer life and higher efficiency.
  • Use the Proper Outlets/Surge Protectors: Always plug your computer’s power chord into a surge protector to ensure a power surge won’t damage or fry your hard drive.
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