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Reliable and Secure Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Losing data due to hard drive failure is one of the most devastating kinds of data loss. Our hard drives are the backbone of our digital information and the most common way most people store data. Data Recovery Center offers comprehensive hard drive recovery solutions for individuals, businesses, enterprises, and organizations. We work hard to provide the best and most secure hard drive recovery services. Our secure, certified, and state-of-the-art facilities combined with years of expert knowledge and highly trained engineers have made us one of the top hard drive recovery services in the industry.

We can work with any manufacturer and any type of operating system, unlike many other data recovery companies who limit what they work with to only a select few options. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your hard drive, determine the cause of the problem, and take the best course of action to repair the device and retrieve all required data.

Data Recovery Center offers Certified and 100% Secure Data Recovery Services

  • SSAE16 Type II Certification
  • ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom Certification
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • GEO Trust Certified
  • Compliant With all Federal and State Data Recovery Regulations

Data Recovery Center has been in business for over 17 years, and we have maintained an impeccable reputation since our inception in 1998. We provide unmatched customer service along with a level of recovery options that surpasses what you’ll find anywhere else.

Benefits to Choosing Data Recovery Center

  • Your covered by our No Data-No Charge policy
  • Free quotes and evaluations
  • Over 40 locations worldwide
  • Get data recovered from any type of media or device
  • Specialized service options for specific users
  • Mac certified Technicians
  • Microsoft/Windows certified technicians
  • All devices, media, and data is kept safe, secure, and completely confidential
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Emergency services are available any day and at any time
  • Requesting a quote is fast and easy
  • Our process is streamlined for maximum efficiency and minimum hassle
  • Strict security standards
  • Options to purchase new or refurbished hard drives at great prices
  • Experience with all types of operating systems and manufacturers
  • Customer-centered services

When you choose Data Recovery Center for your hard drive data recovery, you’re choosing quality, security, expertise, and experience. Don’t take risks with your important data-hire Data Recovery Center and rest easy knowing your data will be recovered quickly and safely by experienced and certified engineers.

Are you in need of hard drive recovery services? If so, you can request a free quote by filling out our simple request form. Or, if you need emergency or expedited services, call us right now using our toll free number. With over 40 locations and 24/7 emergency services, we’re always around when you need us.

Hard Drive Failure Sounds: Typical noises of a failed hard disk drives.
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Call our 24/7 toll-free hotline to speak directly with a data recovery specialist. If you have a data loss emergency, click here for an overview of our emergency services.

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Featured Specific Services

The information below details our services for various types of hardware, software, and other technologies. Data Recovery Center provides 100% secure options for any type of media or device, regardless of size or complexity of the system. Our advanced recovery services come with a history of high success and a guarantee of complete confidentiality and a no data, no charge guarantee to put your mind at ease. Read below to find out more about specific recovery services we provide.

Desktop Data Recovery

Data Recovery Center understands how important you data is and how stressful data loss can be. That's why we do our best to make the data recovery process as easy and efficient for our customers as possible. We offer an extensive list of service options that cater to anyone in any kind of industry. If your desktop computer or laptop has crashed, lost files, or has become damaged, we can help.

Raid Data Recovery

Data Recovery Center offers a wide variety of data recovery services. We do our best to be ready for any kind of data loss situation with any type of media or device. This is why we offer comprehensive RAID recovery options. RAID units are beneficial, especially to companies and organizations, but they can also be extremely complex.

Encrypted & NAS Hard Drives

The types of hard drives available to us are increasing constantly. Recently, self-encrypting hard drives and more advanced NAS drives have been the focus of many manufacturers. Data Recovery Center works hard to stay in step with the changes and advances in the tech industry, so that we can always provide the best data recovery services to our customers.

SSD Data Recovery

Data Recovery Center offers professional and comprehensive SSD recovery solutions for individual users, companies, enterprises, government entities, and more. Our trained technicians have the expertise to quickly diagnose an issue and take the necessary steps to remedy the issue and recover your lost data.

Operating Systems Supported by Data Recovery Center

Data Recovery Center is a leading data recovery service serving communities all across the United States. Our advanced recovery services, certified cleanrooms, affordable pricing, and industry certified recovery specialists have allowed us to become a customer favorite. One of the perks of choosing Data Recovery Center is our vast knowledge and flexibility.


Data Recovery Center holds an official Mac Technician Certificate, which means that our techs are approved by Apple to repair or recover data from Apple Mac desktops, laptops, and some other Apple devices. Each of ...


As one of the most popular operating systems in the world, it was essential for each Data Recovery Center technician to be fully licensed and certified to perform advanced recoveries on Windows machines. Whether you ...


Every Data Recovery Center team has received extensive training to become officially certified to do full recoveries on devices that run off of the Linux operating system. From minor repairs to advanced recoveries, we have you covered!

Our technicians are certified and licensed to perform repairs and recoveries on all of the most popular operating systems available. Take a look at the list below to see which operating systems we support.

Approved by Leading Hard Drive Manufacturers

Data Recovery Center is dedicated to using the very best hardware, software, and new technology for all of our hard drive recovery services. That’s why we’re backed by the leading hard drive manufacturers in the world.


As a certified Seagate partner, we have the experience and expertise to perform advanced recoveries and repairs to your Seagate hard drive.

Western Digital

Data Recovery Center is part of the official WD Partner Program, allowing us to remain up-to-date on the latest technology from Western Digital. From performing recoveries to your WD hard drive to guiding you through buying the best Western Digital HDD, we’ve got you covered!


As a licensed Toshiba Partner, we can help you find the best Toshiba hardware and software for your needs. Data Recovery Center stays up-to-date on all of Toshiba’s latest hard drives and other technology, allowing us to perform even the most advanced recoveries on your Toshiba hard drive.


Crucial is a top manufacturer of advanced storage devices, hard drives, and other computer storage and memory devices. We’ll help you find the best Crucial device for your needs or offer expert knowledge for repairs and recoveries.


SSD storage solutions have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Data Recovery Center has kept up with each advancement in the field by becoming a certified Plextor partner. Plextor is a leading SSD manufacturer, offering top-of-the-line SSD storage.


Data Recovery Center’s Transcend partnership means we’re certified to not only repair and recover media from these devices, we can also sell you the right replacement SSD or HDD from one of the leading manufacturers in the world.


SanDisc has been one of the top manufacturers of memory and storage devices since their inception. Today, they remain the third memory device manufacturer in the world. That’s why Data Recovery Center is a licensed SanDisc partner, allowing us to not only repair and perform advanced recoveries on these devices, but to also sell and recommend them for your needs.


Samsung is not only one of the best-selling technology companies in the world, they’re also one of the most popular and sought-after for computers, laptops, and hard drives. Our technicians are certified to perform repairs and recoveries on any Samsung device. We can also point you towards the best replacement hard drive or other new Samsung device or technology.

We also support other hard drive brands not listed above. Our large onsite hardware library allows for efficient and dependable results, and every case is treated with appropriate security controls to provide a private experience.

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