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Hard Drive Recovery Questions and Answers

  1. What is “media damage” and what causes hard drive media damage?

    In a hard disk drive, "media" is the most important piece of a long list of devices, inventions, and materials that comprise the parts of the amazingly complex hard drive we have inside our computers. Physical damage to the media always means damage threatening to the data we've been storing on the drive.
  2. What about security classification/are my company or government office’s secrets safe with you?

    We adhere to the highest security standards and all federal regulations. Our certified recovery technicians will keep your data 100% confidential and secure. The only time this does not apply is in the event of finding something federally illegal, such as child pornography.
  3. What will you do once you receive my hard drive?

    Once your HDD has been received, our technicians will run comprehensive diagnostics to determine why the hard drive failed and what steps we need to take in order to recover your lost data. At this point we will contact you with the full diagnostic report along with an estimate for your recovery. If you approve the recovery and want us to move forward, our trained and certified recovery specialists will get to work in our ISO 4 Cleanroom using the best and newest recovery techniques to safely and efficiently recover your data.
  4. Can you just recover one or two specific files from my hard drive?

    Unfortunately, this generally cannot be done, because the recovery process is more complex than simply picking what files to recover. Because of the way disk drives are designed -- to optimize performance by minimizing mechanical action -- different portions of each of your data files will be "written" on several of the platter surfaces. Also, repeated editing, deleting, adding new files over time, etc., causes segments of your data files to become scattered as they are recorded to many physical locations on the platters. If recovery is feasible, one of the first steps of recovery is a lengthy, partially-automated extraction process. When the extraction process is complete, the recovery tech has to then manipulate the raw data extracted in order to reconstruct the file system. This means data will be recovered not according to how your files were saved on your computer, but rather how the data itself was or is written onto the hard drive. Because of this, retrieving one or two specific files is not usually possible.
  5. What are your certifications and how do I know my data is safe with you?

    Data Recovery Center has Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms at each recovery location, allowing for the very best and safest data recovery services. We also adhere to all federal regulations for security and data handling, meaning any and all data we recover remains 100% confidential and secure. Our trained and industry certified recovery specialists have undergone rigorous training both in recovery and in data handling to ensure efficient, safe, and secure recoveries for each of our valued customers.
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