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NAS Recovery Services

Data Recovery Center has expert knowledge pertaining to network storage systems, databases, and other network and storage systems. Our team provides comprehensive storage and database recovery options, including services for NAS or Network Attached Storage Devices.

Network Attached Storage or NAS isn't its own network, like the similar SAN, but rather a hard disk storage device. The job of an NAS is to provide file-based storage options to devices connected to or within the network. NAS is commonly used in enterprises, corporations, and other larger businesses or organizations. One of the best things about using an NAS is its higher reliability due to redundancy.

What problems may occur with an NAS is partially dependent on what devices are connected to it. An issue can arise from any one of the multiple drives or arrays connected to an NAS, but other issues can arise as well. Though NAS have a high fault tolerance and high reliability, data loss is still possible as it is with all devices, systems, and networks. Things like viruses, electronic damages, hardware failure, software or NAS interface failure, incorrect RAID rebuild, and more are all ways an NAS can become damaged or fail.

Data Recovery Center knows exactly how to diagnose and remedy a problem occurring with an NAS. Our trained engineers have years of experience repairing and recovering data from NAS, SAN, and even combination hybrid systems. Our team is well versed in network storage, databases, and other similar areas. If you're having a problem with your NAS, get in touch with us right away.

You can request a free quote and evaluation by simply filling out the form you see on this page. Or, if you need help right now, just pick up the phone and call us toll free to speak with us about expedited and emergency services. Data Recovery Center has the expertise and training to get your data recovered quickly, securely, and efficiently and with our 27/4 emergency service, we're here for you any day at any time.

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